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My family and friends know that I am a health research nut. I am always talking with them about new ideas that have come up in the health world, and it never fails, I always get asked about the newest diet pill or weight loss vitamins that work.

I have actually reviewed a product that is one of the best vitamins for losing weight and can get into this topic a little further down in the posting, but I first wanted to talk a little bit about why multi-vitamins are good for you and why you SHOULD be taking one every day!

Spend 30 Seconds A Day to Make Your Life Better

Let me start of by acknowledging that there have been many recent posts about the lack of benefit and even the danger of multi-vitamins appearing on the Internet over the past year.

Each of the articles, even those that are posted on well-known sites, are based on a review on the Iowa Women’s Health Study that ended in 2008, and the results were based on the inclusion of excess Iron in vitamins affecting POST-MENOPAUSAL women only.

While I agree that any scientific study into how supplements can help or hurt us is important, I would also like to note that many health writers have skewed this information to create catchy headlines for their articles in order to get more traffic to their sites.

It is unfortunately the habit of main stream media to emphasize negative press in order to get the most publicity possible. There are, however, many studies and articles by reputable doctors and scientists that have shown the benefit to life and health of multi-vitamin use.

I will provide links to such studies at the bottom of this post, but I wanted to include a link to a video discussing the review of this very topic performed by the Lewin Group, which is the top consultant on Health and Wellness to the U.S. government. Please review the link following this post for more information on this study and the technical findings.

This study only covered a few of the supplements contained in quality multi-vitamins and only a handful of health risks that these supplement provide support against, but the message is clear – YOU SHOULD BE TAKING A DAILY MULI-VITAMIN. Spending just 30 seconds per day taking your vitamins can and will improve the quality of your life!

Multi-Vitamins And Weight Loss

It is no secret that they key to losing body fat is by a combination of exercise and diet designed to increase lean muscle in your body.

This is weight loss 101, and it surprises me that many of the new “fad” diet and lose weight fast programs over look this basic principle.

The only way to lose body fat and keep it off is to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle by consuming the nutrients your body needs to thrive and being active enough to help your body burn off any additional calories you don’t need from the food you put in your body.

Taking an all-natural, nutrient rich multi-vitamin is a good way to add vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting in the foods you eat, and will help you with the first part of the healthy living equation.

If you can find a multi-vitamin that has also been designed to increase your energy and help you burn fat along the way, then you are well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals.

There are a handful of vitamins that fit this category, but my recommendation is Garden of Life Vitamin Code® Perfect Weight™ Multi-Vitamins. I have linked my review of this product below.

In summary, please do not ready into popular negative press, and for your health’s sake CONTINUE TAKING YOUR MULTI-VITAMIN. The quality of your life depends on it!

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you on this topic!

Cheers to your health!


Links I promised.

Link to Iowa women’s health study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21987192

link to the Lewin Group http://www.lewin.com/


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