About Me

buryourdoughnut allan

Hello everyone, my name is Allan, and I have just recently been interested in healthy living for the past few years. I have tried many diets and exercise plans over the years, and have had both success and failure with managing a healthy lifestyle.

What I have learned and what I hope to share with you is that there is no one right and true path to maintaining health. There are many different programs, diets, and products available with many more being created each day. Some of them are great, some of them are just okay, and some are just a gimmick and waste of your hard earned money. As you go through my site and learn more about me you will find that this isn’t a place where you will find me praising every new fad that comes along. I will be performing reviews on topics that interest me, but the main idea I want you to grasp is that NO DIET or SHORT TERM EXERCISE PLAN will help you be PERMANENTLY HEALTHY. Living healthy is simply a choice, and it involves far more than exercising for 90 days and then never being active again.

As for me..

As of this writing I am 38 years old, and I have been struggling with the “mid-life crisis” of declining energy and metabolism that most adults begin in their early 30’s. A few years ago I took the opportunity to take a step back and do an honest assessment of my health. I had always been fit, and I was one of those lucky enough to not have to put much work into staying in shape. Man did that change!!! It was like a switch flipped when I turned 30, and before I knew it a few years had gone by and quite a few extra pounds had found me. At the time I was smoking cigarettes (a pack a day!), drinking alcohol almost every day, and eating horribly. Luckily I didn’t have any major medical catastrophe, but I am sure I was on the road to one. One day I was feeling especially run down so I decided to take stock of my life, and make some changes.

That day began my journey into achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being the lover of technology and internet research that I am, I decided to create a forum to share my experiences with others. What you will find here on Burn Your Doughnut will hopefully be a collaboration of trials, failures, and successes from many people that are trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I hope to see you around and hear more from each of you! I ask that you please reach out or leave a comment if any of my material interests you.

Let’s have some fun!


Founder of Burn Your Doughnut